The last of the ‘Individuals’ training is the so called ‘Reset’ training, which consists of a set of 3 private classes of 3 hours per session each. These classes are only meant for students / teachers who have completed the Wang Kiu system somewhere. References will be demanded.

De ‘Reset’ training will fine hone all areas covered’. All misunderstandings, differences, unnoticed errors and such will be dealt with to ensure one will follow the authentic Wang Kiu Wing Chun system as was taught by Great Grand Master Ip Man to Wang Kiu during the ’50s. Only in this way will the knowledge of Great Grand Master Ip Man of one of the most effective martial arts in the world remain intact.

We would like to emphasise that SWK was an initiative of Wang Kiu himself. Due to the extensive amount of styles and lineages throughout the Netherlands and the rest of the world, it has become almost impossible for a layman to identify the marble from the rubble. Therefore Wang Kiu wanted to form a foundation to ensure the continued existence of his (read: Ip Man’s) Wing Chun system.

Even within the Wang Kiu lineage differences can be noticed from time to time, even though Wang Kiu has never made a change in all his years of teaching. The extensive amount of collected materials comprising the period of 36 years, from 1974 – 2009 (the time that Wang Kiu resided in the Netherlands) which is only owned by SWK is the ultimate proof of this fact.
This ‘Reset’ training is perfectly suited to ensure the quality of your Wing Chun knowledge. Upon request you will be able to pick your own topics to address, with or without the supporting video footage of Wang Kiu himself.

The reset is really the most important ‘Individual’ for SWK as the most pure form of Wang Kiu Wing Chun will emerge for the advanced student / teacher! !

The ‘Reset’ summarised:

  • 9 hours of classes (3 x 3 hours)
  • Lessons in our own SWK training school
  • One on one training by one of the Head-teachers and private teachers of Wang Kiu
  • ‘Reset’ training with regards to the whole Wang Kiu Wing Chun System or,
  • ‘Fine honing’ topics requested by the student