A Brief Introduction

Re you completely new to martial Arts? Are you wondering if private sessions would suit you best? Are you in doubt if Wing Chun is meant for you? Do you want to know what the Wing Chun system really encompasses or have you already experienced different Wing Chun lineages?

In case you answered one of the above questions with “Yes”, the Introduction session would be the ultimate way to get acquainted with the Wang Kiu Wing Chun System!
The Introduction session on 2 hours will initially briefly introduce you to the history and evolution of Wing Chun within China, and the rest of the world. This will be followed by going over the most well known students of the last Grandmaster Ip Man, such as Wang Kiu, Wong Shun Leung and movie star Bruce Lee. This will bring us to how Wang Kiu, as founder of Wing Chun in the Netherlands, gave more fame to the fighting system.
During the main part of this introduction class you will be introduced to some techniques through which the simplicity and how effective Wing Chun is will become clear. We will show you why Wing Chun is so efficient and will explain the differences with regards to different Martial Arts. After the introduction class will be well equipped to make a judgement on the Wang Kiu System and you will have profoundly experienced the differences between it and other Martial Arts. Forthwith it will be your decision if you want to continue with other ‘Individuals’ classes or maybe the group sessions.

Summarised, during ‘A Brief Introduction’ you will get:

  • Session of 2 hours (1 x 2 hours)
  • Lessons in our own SWK training school
  • Training by one of the two Head Instructors, and private students, of Wang Kiu.
  • (Upon request) Experiencing the differences between the Ip Man / Wang Kiu system and the other Wing Chun / Ving Tsun / Wing Tsun lineages.