About private lesson

Do you want to be able to train the highly effective art of Wing Chun in private?

SWK now offers the possibility to be trained in Wing Chun by the two Head teachers, and private students, of Grand Master Wang Kiu in our 2 story building in Hoofddorp. It gets better; as SWK was the only organisation who received his personal archive we can guarantee getting first hand information, the closest you will ever be able to get to the source!

The location offers the following:

  • Training materials (kicking and punching cushions and pads, training weapons, gloves etc.)
  • Wing Chun materials (original Yip Buick / Koo Sang Dummy, long poles, butterfly knives)
  • Supporting facilities (mirror wall, balance boards etc.)
  • Film materials (Yip Man, Wang Kiu, Bruce Lee & other Martial Arts, styles etc.)
  • Refreshments (coffee/tea/soda)

Advantages of private sessions:

  • Only classes given by one of the two private students of Wang Kiu
  • One on one training by one of the Head-teachers per session
  • Improved and faster progression (compared to group sessions, dedication dependent)
  • Training at your level
  • A personal schedule, developed with, and for you
  • Filmmateriaal van GM Wang Kiu zelf
  • Training at a desired day and time.
  • Free access to the group sessions during the course of the private sessions

Regrettably we can only accept a few private sessions per timeframe. Ask about the availability for your private sessions and start your lessons now.

SWK guarantees professional Wing Chun trainings which will be created especially for you. Pick the modules which suit you best!


The ‘Individuals’ classes are special training sessions during which Wing Chun will be taught 1 on 1. On request, these classes can be followed together with a friend or someone else you know. Up to 4 people can participate together in one or more of the ‘Individuals’ listed below.

There are 5 different ‘Individuals’ training options:

  • A Brief Introduction (2 hours)
  • 10 Day Basics (10 x 2 hours per module)
  • Complete Wang Kiu System (50 x 2 hours)
  • Wang Kiu Cross Experience (3 hours)
  • Reset (3 x 3 hours)

Choose from below options which training suits your requirements most.