Complete Wang Kiu System

Do you want to go through the whole Wang Kiu Wing Chun system within one year? This exclusive training is only offered by SWK!

If you are unable to make your choice between the modules or if you are already sure that you want to follow all modules as you do not want to settle for less we offer the ‘Complete Wang Kiu System’.

The private classes of the ‘Complete Wang Kiu System’ consists of a whopping 50 sessions of 2 hours each. During these very intensive private classes every essentials of the Wang Kiu Wing Chun system will be taught.

This training is mainly targeted at people who do not want to be stuck to a fixed schedule, but who want to be able to absorb the information at their own pace. Do you wish to spend another 3 days to further understand the Mok Yan Chong for example? With this course that will be no problem. In essence it is a continual private training with no time restriction but with which we have given an indication of 50 lessons in 1 year (on average 1 private class every week).

Many extras come with this course, for example your own Lok Dim Boon Kwan and your own set of practice knives (Baht Cham Dao).
Another bonus with this course is the viewing of exclusive private video footage of Ip Man, Bruce Lee (this IS Wing Chun!) and Wang Kiu from the 50’s trough to 2009. In this way one can (in)directly get acquainted with the founder of Wing Chun in the Netherlands and convince themselves of the fact that SWK has stayed true to the source, coming from Ip Man, in the finest of details.

The ‘Complete Wang Kiu System’ summarised:

  • 100 hours of classes (50 x 2 hours)
  • Lessons in our own SWK training school
  • One on one training by one of the Head-teachers and private teachers of Wang Kiu
  • High volume of video footage of Wang Kiu (in English)
  • A digital training folder with the all content
  • An original SWK training shirt
  • A Lok Dim Boon Kwan training pole
  • A Baht Cham Dao training knife set
  • Free admission to the group sessions for the duration of the private sessions
  • Online support with regards to questions in between classes