His Youth (1923 – 1950)

Wang Kiu was born in Hong Kong on the 15th of August 1923. Wang is considered to be his last (family) name, Kiu is his first name. Wang Kiu received an English first name as well: Joseph. Further information can be found under: “Wang Kiu or Wong Kiu?”

Wang Kiu’s parents belonged to the Hakka people, a subdivision of the Han-Chinese people. Wang Kiu’s father was a practitioner of Hung Gar, a “hard” Kung Fu style. This “hard” style was mainly required to be able to defend oneself due to the presence of many criminal organisations (Triads) in, amongst other places, Hong Kong, which made life difficult for the people.
During this period the Southern Praying Mantis style became the true style of the Hakka people. This style incorporates a kind of Chi Sao, just as well as Wing Chun incorporates the Chi Sao it is renowned for. Wang Kiu was a practitioner of Southern Praying Mantis, which he became very good at, as it was the people’s style. Furthermore, Wang Kiu was a practitioner of Tai Chi.
Wang Kiu’s father died very early, it is unknown when this happened exactly. Wang Kiu’s mother, of whom 1 photo remains, died at the age of 93.