The Wang Kiu Family (approx. 1940-1970)

Wang Kiu’s first wife was Yu Jiang Lan, of which Yu is considered to be the last name. Yu Jiang Lan was born on March 24th, 1924.

He has 5 children with Yu Jiang Lan, 4 children were sons, 1 was a daughter. The four sons are: Wang Ming Kim (born 1948), Wang Po Shu (1950), Wang Pien Fan (1955) and Wang Ming Leung (1958). The daughter is Wang May Yee (1952).

The Wang Family lived in Hong Kong, Kowloon, on the King Tak Street. Wang Kiu was employed by the British Government as a Civil Engineer (civil technician) and Yu Jian Lan was a housewife.
Wang Kiu loved to make jokes. He was very much into the latest gadgets as well, such as the latest model photo-camera, or a washing machine (something which was very rare at that time).
Often these gadgets were not needed as such, but did bring lots of enjoyment. A prime example of this was the bar he built in his house, this when nobody in the Wang Kiu family even drank a drop of alcohol.
Furthermore he had a true Japanese style room in his house. Wang Kiu loved Japan very much and this is demonstrated when he took his youngest son Wang Ming Leung to Japan when he was 11. This is most likely the reason for his son still living in Japan today.
Wang Kiu enjoyed travelling, dancing (together with Bruce Lee), riding horse (at the Royal Jockey Club in Hong Kong), swimming (together with Wong Shun Leung) and martial arts of course.

Wang Kiu owned quite a bit of land in Hong Kong and a few houses. The communist regime confiscated all his land and his houses, as things were regularly done during this period. He did get his house in Hong Kong back, but it was in a bad state of decay, as it was a house of over 300 years old and it had not been maintained by the regime during this time. Additionally, an officer has now built a villa on his land. Little could be done about this from the Netherlands by Wang Kiu. This is why he has ultimately granted his son permission to try and re-claim this property.

Wang Kiu’s (first) wife died of the side effects of Diabetes on July 15th, 1990. Wang Kiu had hardly had any contact with her since 1974 and later remarried, this time with Maria van der Lugt.
The children Wang May Yee (cause of death unknown) and Wang Pien Fan (accident) have already died as well.