Heartmath: Mental self defence

Many people feel attracted to martial arts nowadays, not just because of the physical exercise but also to be able to defend oneself effectively. The reason for this is often a sense of being unsafe or an insecure feeling which is enforced by negative publications in the media. What many people do not recognise is that daily stress caused by work for example, is a far more realistic danger to most people compared to having to actually physically defend oneself on the street. People often do not realise that the negative results that stress and tension have on one’s physical and mental wellbeing, relationships and general wellness.

Besides physical responsiveness SWK also targets the mental and emotional resistance of people. Amongst others, we make use of the techniques offered by Heartmath:

“HeartMath Benelux’ mission is to vitalise people and organisations, by this we mean a state of reducing the amount of stress and creating more balance and satisfaction. Research shows that such a state does not only lead to a better health but also to better performance.

To accomplish this techniques developed by the Heartmath Institute are used with bio-feedback equipment which will lead to an optimised physiological state” (source: www.heartmathbenelux.com)

SWK offers the opportunity to enter into the so called Heartmath Stress-reduction-programme under the supervision of a licensed coach:

“The licensed Stress Reduction Programme (SRP) is offered to people who desire to work on obtaining more balance and joy in their life on an individual basis. During seven separate sessions you will be offered scientifically proven techniques which will enable you to live a less stressful and more enjoyable life. To enrol in this programme you can go to one of over 300 licensed and experienced coaches throughout the country.”

(source: http://heartmathbenelux.com/workshop.php?workid=6&lang=nl”)

Or choose for a unique experience during which the techniques of Heartmath are combined with physical exercise which enable you to develop your physical, mental and emotional balance.

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