Group sessions

High quality lessons in a safe and relaxed environment is what you can expect from the SWK group sessions. It is important to us that our students do not only learn to copy moves but truly learning the system by obtaining in depth knowledge about the philosophy behind the system.

During our sessions we do not expect the students to copy regardless what has been shown, but they are challenged to individually analyse the matter provided and ask questions about the content. This is why it is important to train in a comfortable environment which does not only enable, but encourages to do so. Additionally, one should realise that experimenting with the system is a part of learning and with experimenting mistakes will be made. For these reasons it is essential that the offered environment is experienced as such by the students.

Our sessions are always tailor made. This depends on the size of the group, the level of the participants, or it could involve matter for a specific actuality. As a consequence, the concept and content of a class may vary. Examples of concepts are e.g. getting instructions on, and practicing techniques, short discussions or exchange of ideas, coaching of new students by the more experienced ones, or free exercises during which one can experiment with the system.

Generally speaking most classes do have the same didactical setup in general:

  • A short warming-up session or physical condition training,
  • A core session during which a traditional part is trained such as Chi Sao, Forms, etc.,
  • A second core session during which the emphasis lays on practical application,
  • A sparring session.

Sparring can be approached in many different ways depending on the goal of that session. To guarantee safety, the lower level of two sparring participants is the one who will define the intensity of the sparring session.

And finally, but probably the most important part of the lesson is: it has to be fun!