About the teachers

SWK was founded by us, Dennis Wetter en Jerôme Lam. We practiced various martial arts in the past separately, but by the late 90’s we individually found our way to Wing Chun Kung Fu via the “Nederlandse Wing Chun Federatie” (NWCF). We started as students within this organisation, and, at a later stage, we both taught at different NWCF locations. This is how we got in touch with GM Wang Kiu.

Wang Kiu had already introduced the Wing Chun system in the Netherlands as early as 1974. Various larger and smaller organisations have emerged from the relationship they had with Wang Kiu since then.

We both left the NWCF in 2005 for personal reasons. Our ongoing passion for Wing Chun then resulted in a Wing Chun training gathering in Hoofddorp. We wanted to be able to keep training Wing Chun with an informal group of Wing Chun enthusiasts with the cooperation of Wang Kiu. The lasting relationship which was formed during this period also resulted in our private sessions with Wang Kiu in The Hague.

Due to the success of our training group the size of the group started to increase to the point that we were almost forced to start organising in a more formal manner. This resulted in the founding of ”Stichting Wang Kiu Wing Chun” in 2006; the first and only organisation which he supported and allowed to use his name. Making use of a Foundation structure emphasises the non-profit fundamentals we wish to adhere to with our organisation.

Sadly Wang Kiu unexpectedly passed away in 2009. We have continued our efforts through SWK to honour the memory and legacy of Wang Kiu ever since.

Today, many have found their way to SWK. Where we initially started to train in local gyms, we have grown and now have our own training facility in Hoofddorp. We wish to introduce many more people to Wing Chun in the future. Our further ambition is to hand over the legacy of Wang Kiu to the next generation through our organisation.