Family Tree

Below you will find our Family Tree as presented by Sifu Wang Kiu:

Ng Mui

Ng Mui is the founder of the Wing Chun system. After observing a fight between a Crane bird and a snake she found cause to further develop her knowledge of the martial art into a comprehensive system. Originally the system was called “Orthodox Shao Lin”. This was later renamed after her only student, Yim Wing Chun.

Yim Wing Chun

To show the power of Wing Chun, Ng Mui taught the system to Yim Wing Chun in a very brief time span, so she would be able to defend herself during the fight with the bully (see legend).

Wong Wah Bo

To ensure that the Wing Chun system would not be lost forever, Yim Wing Chun passed the system on to her husband, Wong Wah Bo. Due to its proven effectiveness, Wing Chun was at time a very secret system.

Leung Chan (1826-1901)

Wong Wah Bo passed the Wing Chun system on to Leung Chan at the beginning of the 19th century.

Chan Wah Shun (1849-1913)

Chan Wah Shun obtained his knowledge of Wing Chun from Leung Chan and passed his knowledge on to the last Grand Master, Yip Man.

Yip Man (1893-1972)

Grand Master Yip Man has globally been proclaimed as the last Grand Master of Wing Chun.

SWK - Ip Man - Portrait Rare

J. Wang Kiu (1923-2009)

Sifu Wang Kiu was one of the few private students of Grand Master Yip Man. Because of this, he was able to learn the complete Wing Chun system from yip Man himself. This in contrast with most other students of Yip Man be it for a short, or prolonged period of time. Furthermore Sifu Wang Kiu trained a lot with other well known students of Yip Man such as Wong Shun Leung and Bruce Lee.

SWK - Wing Chun - Wang Kiu Portrait

Dennis Wetter & Jerôme Lam

Dennis Wetter and Jerôme Lam are, together with Sifu Wang Kiu, the founders of the Wang Kiu Wing Chun Foundation. Their goal is to maintain true to the 100% authentic Yip Man/Wang Kiu system and to transfer it to new generations.