First form: Siu Lim Tao

Chinese often use two words to express one and the same. Lim Tao mean really together concept. Siu Lim Tao gives the Wing Chun practitioner so a Small Idea of the system. If philosophy is the first type often use to explain as if a seed in the ground which eventually stops a nice large plant or tree grows. In other words, you start with something small and it may grow big something. As practicing Wing Chun so. Siu Lim Tao is split into three parts. The first part is the internal either quiet area. Here you train mainly the movements necessary for good Chi Sao. The second part is the explosive area. The third is the technical part. In Siu Lim Tao 8 palm attacks of Wing Chun, sitting as the eight stages in the Mug Yan Chong sit.